Gold Information and Jewelry Care


What is solid gold?

At L'Escalet, we craft our gold jewelry exclusively in 18 karat solid gold.

With its natural luster, hypoallergenic properties and resistance to tarnishing and rusting, solid gold is used when it comes to crafting quality jewelry.

Solid gold jewelry can be worn all day long, without having to worry about taking it off when swimming or going to sleep.

Each piece is measured by karatage (K), which indicates the piece’s pure gold content and its proportion with other metal alloys.

18K gold contains 75% pure gold and 25% other alloys and represents the worldwide standard of high quality fine jewelry. 18K gold is a composition that is high in gold content, but holds just the right amount of alloy for the strength and durability needed for everyday, long-lasting wear.


No gold-filling, no gold-plating, no vermeil

We do not produce gold filled, gold-plated or vermeil jewelry.

Gold-filled jewelry may resemble to solid gold at first sight, but it differs significantly in composition. This variant is created by bonding several sheets of gold to a base metal and it is legally required to hold a minimum of 5% of gold. While this reduction in gold content allows manufacturers to maintain lower costs, it also means that gold-filled jewelry will tarnish and lose its value over time.

Gold-plated and vermeil jewelry are considered the lowest quality among the three categories, and feature a very thin layer of gold applied on a base metal. Because these pieces hold such minute traces of gold (0.05% or even less), gold-plated jewelry virtually holds little to no value, and tends to quickly fade and tarnish. This often results in a dull, rust-prone piece, and may cause allergies and discoloration when exposed to skin.


Gold jewelry care suggestions

Gold is easy to take care of, however a regular cleaning / maintenance is recommended to keep your jewelry shiny all year round and ensure a long life to your favorite pieces.

  • Avoid handling chemical and strong cosmetic products when you are wearing jewelry.
  • When travelling, store your jewelry separately in soft pouches, to make sure they do not scratch.
  • As regular care, simply soak your jewelry for a few hours in a bowl of warm soapy water (preferably dishwashing liquid). Once out of the water, gently brush your jewelry with an ultra soft toothbrush, including the stones. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and dry it in a soft cloth.
  • You can also put a little toothpaste (be careful that it doesn't contain micro crystals!) on a moistened, ultra soft toothbrush and gently rub the jewelry to make it shine. Finish cleaning by polishing your jewelry with a soft cloth.